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En Alhambra Instituto nos comprometemos a ofrecer los programas de inmersión lingüística y cultural más inspiradores y motivadores para grupos de Secundaria y Universidad con un mínimo de 10 estudiantes.

Lleve a sus estudiantes a un viaje educativo a Málaga. Una visita a España expondrá a sus estudiantes al arte, la cultura y la arquitectura de los últimos mil años. Con su buena dosis de cafés escondidos, mercadillos, hermosas playas y chiringuitos, ¡los cursos de español nunca han sido tan divertidos!

Nuestros viajes escolares y educativos tienen una duración de 1 a 3 semanas y combinan estudios intensivos de español con divertidas actividades de tarde que permiten a los estudiantes explorar los lugares más espectaculares de Málaga, obtener una visión profunda del modo de vida español y poner en práctica sus conocimientos de español.  Nuestros viajes escolares educativos a Málaga con clases de español por la mañana y actividades por la tarde son extremadamente populares y permiten a los estudiantes y profesores volver año tras año.


We know that in many cases it is difficult, but as far as possible it is always advisable to be flexible with dates. As a general rule, January and November are usually the cheapest months to travel while July and August are the most expensive. In addition, it will always be cheaper to fly on weekdays than on weekends, especially on short flights. Our advice is that when looking for a ticket, always use the option offered by some search engines and airlines to “view the whole month” and thus, with all the prices of the selected month in front of you, you can choose the cheapest dates.

Don’t be lazy to make stopovers. In most cases direct flights will be more expensive than trips that involve several flights to reach your destination, even if that means stopping at different airports to change planes. Sometimes stopovers can be exhausting… but if you don’t mind and it pays off financially, why not? All you have to do is to get the cheapest ticket possible.

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Summer is coming, you are looking for cheap airline tickets and you can’t find anything? Don’t worry, if you get your act together and follow these 5 tips I’m going to give you, you can go on vacation without having to pay so much money.

On the Internet there are several sites that help you compare all the airlines on the market, however, not all of them are good. Try different sites, compare prices and do not get carried away by the first option.    Many times some websites have agreements with certain brands so they can give you preference. The best thing to do is to look at a comparison site that is 100% impartial.

If you have in mind to acquire a credit card and you can’t decide which one to get, this is the perfect opportunity to get one that will give you a free airline ticket. In addition, with your credit card you will have other exclusive promotions such as mileage accrual, access to VIP lounges at airports, preferential boarding and many other advantages.

Rumor has it that the cheapest days to travel are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. However, this theory is not entirely verifiable, but it does make sense: who would want to travel on weekdays? The preferred days to travel are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, so prices become more expensive. When you quote a flight, always check the option “upcoming dates” there you will find the price depending on the day and you will be able to evaluate on which date it is convenient to fly.

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When is the best day to get cheap flights? Opt for the less popular days; Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the days when you can find cheap flights. Fridays and Sundays are the days when travelers look for flights more frequently, as they have free time. They are also the days when more people take a flight.

We know that it can be complicated to travel during the week, but generally, these days flights are cheaper. Airlines work by supply and demand. An alternative could be to fly on Wednesday and return on Saturday.

One of the ways to find cheap flights is to plan ahead. If you start planning ahead of time you will see that there are plenty of options when it comes to finding cheap destinations, cheap tickets and hotels with very good discounts. How far in advance should you buy a flight? Ideally, you should start looking 3 months in advance. If you want to fly to Los Angeles or Chicago in October, looking in June or July will be perfect to buy cheap flights.

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